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Free Samples

Here at Pro Learning, we want to ensure our customers are satisfied. Before choosing us as your E-learning provider, we are more than happy to provide you with a demonstration of what we do, and how we can help you achieve your learning goals. 

E-learning course free sample

How it Works

Contact us with your project idea via email ( and ask for a sample piece.

Contact us and ask for a sample

We will acknowledge your email and respond to you with any further questions we may have. At this point, we will enter a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you to ensure any materials sent to us are protected. If the course is not based on your own material, then we will immediately begin working on a sample.

Producing a sample course

We will now ask for the material (if applicable) and work with you to decide what portion of the material we will produce E-learning for (note: this will not be a complete course, but rather a demonstration).

Your material being used to produce a demonstration

Upon completion, we will send you a link to the demonstration course to view online where you can add comments. This is a secure link where only you can access the material. 

Online link to the demonstration course

Once the link has been sent to you, we will delete all material that you have sent to us to ensure your intellectual property is protected.

Company IP deleted

If our E-Learning matches your learning goals, we can begin forming your project to produce a complete course. Please see The Process to view how this works.

Matching your learning goals

What We Can Offer You

Pro-Learning provides bespoke solutions to your training needs. From small to large projects, we can accommodate your requests and return excellent training packages at competitive prices. Furthermore, each project we complete for you will have aftercare support, so if any changes are needed to the material, we can update that for you (please see our Aftercare Support page).  If your training requires professional photos or videos, we can do this for you at your chosen location (UK or abroad). Contact us today for a discussion of your needs.

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