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Live Training

Here at Pro-Learning, we can provide you with excellent live training. Based on your learning objectives, we can create training suitable for both webinar-based learning and in-person training facilitated by us. 

However, if you have your own facilitator but need help to develop the material, we can do that for you too!


How it Works

Upon contacting us with your project, we will acknowledge your email and review the scope of the course.

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An optional meeting can be arranged between Pro-Learning and your company to discuss your requirements. This can be via Microsoft Teams or face-to-face.

We will begin working with you to identify the learning objectives for the training event. This may require further meetings.

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Upon agreement, we will get to work storyboarding the training event. As well as this, we will produce documents for handing out during the course. You will also have the option to include E-Learning with the course. 

Work Desk

Once completed, we will send you our work prior to the training event. Here, you can review the course and add any further comments.


On agreement, we will then conduct our live training event. This can be via a webinar or an in-person event at a place of your choosing. If you have chosen E-Learning as your supplementary learning, you will automatically be included in our aftercare service.

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