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One of the most effective tools in training and marketing is videos. Here at Pro Learning, we can help you achieve a professional catalogue of content for employees and customers. We use a dual-camera system complete with a teleprompter so you can make full use of the filming period to maximise content. If you need a presenter to host these videos, we can do that too! 

We can even add this service to our E-learning option, where we can create an entire course complete with your videos.

Filming course content or marketing videos by Pro-Learning

How it Works

Upon contacting us, we will begin getting an idea of the scope of your request.

Scope of work to be completed by Pro-Learning

An optional meeting can be arranged between Pro-Learning and your company to discuss your requirements. This can be via Microsoft Teams or face-to-face.

Video meeting between you and Pro-Learning

We may request a visit to your premises to get a better perspective of the project. This depends on the type of videos you wish to create.  

Visit to your premises

On your approval, we will enter a contract with you detailing the scope, lead times, and non-disclosure agreements.

Agree on and enter a contract with Pro-Learning

Now that the contracts are completed, we will give you the option to write scripts for the videos so that we can upload them to a teleprompter before our visit. Depending on the scope, we can do the scripting for you.

Scripts pre-loaded on to a teleprompter by Pro-Learning

Now the filming begins. On the day of our arrival, we will set up the cameras and evaluate angles and lighting. Once we are happy, we will record your videos.

Camera setup and filming by Pro-Learning

Post-filming we will get to work editing the videos and, if selected, creating courses with their use. You do have the option to edit these videos yourself, but we are more than willing to take care of the entire process. 

Video editing at Pro-Learning

Upon completion, we will send you the finished files in any format you choose. We can securely mail the files on an external storage device*, or via a cloud-based storage application. 

E-courses created by Pro-Learning saved on external storage device

*We will keep a copy of the video files to ensure if the external storage device is broken or lost during transit, we can still get you your content.

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