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Consultation Services

Pro-Learning provides excellent consultation services to help you increase the effectiveness of the training within your company. We operate a systematic approach to ensure once our consultation is concluded, you have a clear roadmap of how to breed an effective and knowledgeable team. We also offer the option to create learning materials for you as a complete solution to your needs.

Business Meeting

How it Works

Upon contacting us with your project, we will acknowledge your email and review the scope of your requirements.

Pro-Learning scope review

An optional meeting can be arranged between Pro-Learning and your company to discuss your requirements. This can be via Microsoft Teams or face-to-face.

Pro-Learning video meeting
Pro-Learning Contract

We will then enter a contract with you detailing the scope, lead times, and non-disclosure agreements.

Now the work will begin. We will analyse your current training packages and job specifications. This will include multiple visits to your premises and speaking to employees.

Pro-Learning Analysis

We will then produce documents detailing our analysis of the current training and our recommendations for improvement. This will include a full breakdown of the suggested structure and courses.

Pro-Learning Recommendations for Improvement

If you have selected the option for us to develop the training material for you, we will get to work on your approval.

Pro-Learning  Developing Training Material

Once we have completed the project, we will assist you in continuous monitoring of employee output to ensure your satisfaction.

Pro-Learning Monitoring
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