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Aftercare Services

Here at Pro-Learning, we like to keep our clients happy. When you choose us as your learning provider, we can provide you with aftercare. This service is provided for free and is for work we have previously completed for you. It covers E-learning, learning material handouts during a live training event, and previously filmed video content.

Aftercare service provided by Pro-Learning

How it Works

If you have an update to apply to a completed course by Pro-Learning, contact us at with the details of the update.

Contact Pro-Learning for course updates

We will then review the update and depending on our arrangement, ask for the SCORM file to be sent to us. 

Review required update and request SCORM file

Pro-Learning will update your course to your specification and return this to you in due course. 

Update to course content

This service does not include the generation of new material. It is intended for updating existing material that has been completed by Pro-Learning. If you wish for existing material to have additional new content, this will fall under a chargable service.

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