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Manual Conversion

User manuals and training manuals are vital to industry. Without them, we would be lost. However, these are typically hundreds of pages of paper, or endless PDF scrolling. This lacks engagement and interactivity, whereas converting a manual into an E-manual format can drastically increase user retention and accessibility. 

Paper Hardcopy Manuals can be Converted to E-Manual Format

The Benefits

Converting manuals to an electronic format holds significant benefits. In a world connected by the internet, not only can E-manuals be used for reference, but also as just-in-time information. 

E-Manual for Reference or Just-in-Time Learning

Access Anywhere!

Pro-Learning uses software that is optimised for mobile, tablet, and computer. All the user needs is an internet connection!

E-manuals can be accessed anyway at any time

Embed Video!

One of the most powerful tools in learning is video. We can embed your videos into the user/training E-manual, and we can even record these videos for you (please see Filming for further information)

Embed Video Content to E-Manuals

What We Can Offer You

Pro-Learning provides bespoke solutions to your training needs. From small to large projects, we can accommodate your requests and return excellent training packages at competitive prices. Furthermore, each project we complete for you will have aftercare support, so if any changes are needed to the material, we can update that for you (please see our Aftercare Support page).  If your training requires professional photos or videos, we can do this for you at your chosen location (UK or abroad). Contact us today for a discussion of your needs.

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